Zero Dark Thirty Coffee Inc is dedicated to helping the men and women of the United States Marine Corps, Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, Border Patrol, FBI, DEA, ATF, US Marshals, as well as every level of local Police, Fire, and EMS all across the United States, retired or active and their families.

ZDT Coffee selects the finest coffee beans from all over the world and roasts, packages, and delivers them to customers locally and online. The proceeds from the sale of our quality coffee (beans or ground) will go to helping those injured or killed in the line of duty and/or their families. ZDT Coffee will only disburse funds to charities that prove they use over 70% of those funds directly helping our warriors and their families. We understand, better than most, that it takes money to run a nonprofit, however, we want to get the most out of every dollar we touch.

Another aspect of ZDT Coffee is to bring awareness to the high rate of veteran and first responder suicide. The battle is not over just because they make it home. PTSD is real and as deadly as a bullet. ZDT Coffee is working to shed the stigma from PTSD, especially in the machismo world in which most of us were raised. We know PTSD can be treated and managed, but the negative connotation attached to PTSD prevents thousands of warriors from seeking help. PTSD is also the leading cause of alcoholism and drug addiction in veterans and first responders. When our warriors are not given the tools to deal with the trauma they face, it can be overwhelming. Alcohol and drugs become the only way they can escape without anyone realizing they are suffering from PTSD. If we can educate the general public about PTSD, maybe we can shed the stigma and prevent the suicides and/or addiction.