Free In-Person Delivery in the Treasure Valley

Zero Dark Thirty Coffee is all about hope and making a difference.

We are a veteran-owned and operated company, located in the Boise/Treasure Valley area of Idaho, that donates about 80% of proceeds to our own charity, The Zero Dark Thirty Foundation, to help the 1 million-plus injured warriors and their families live peacefully in the freedom they secured for all of us. This includes your local first responders along with every branch of the US Military. When you buy from Zero Dark Thirty Coffee, you get premium grade quality coffee at a reasonable price and our heroes get a helping hand to renew their independence. All we ask in return is as you enjoy your coffee in peace, remember the true cost of our freedom and safety.

Here at ZDT Coffee, we believe in helping others above all else. Every member of our board of directors is either prior military, prior law enforcement, or the immediate family of. We understand, in a way that only warriors and their families can, that the battle isn’t over just because we made it home. The battle continues in our heads everyday and we can not fight it alone. 22 veterans commit suicide everyday here in the U.S. and that is not including first responders. ZDT Coffee is committed to lowering that number by awareness and using a portion of proceeds to help those suffering from PTSD. So raise your cup and help a fellow brother and sister!

Zero Dark Thirty Coffee takes pride in our knowledge of java.

With almost 20 years of coffee roasting experience, we take no shortcuts in the selection of our beans, the roasting of variety, or the packaging and delivery of what has turned out to be the finest coffee in the Northwest. Our small batch roasting technique guarantees our customers get the finest freshly roasted coffee beans (whole or ground).